Jun 022013

Episode 11 was another tremendous joy to create.  This time I was joined by my good friend and MSF Instructor Christine Mills.  Christine was my instructor for the Basic Riders Course.  Since then we have been good friends.  Her husband and fellow instructor is currently helping me restore a classic bike.

Overland Expo http://www.overlandexpo.com/ took place just a couple weeks ago near Flagstaff Arizona.  There I met some amazing people including Lois Pryce.  Lois is a remarkable woman with a fantastic story. One can learn more and follow her pursuits at www.loisontheloose.com

Also while attending the Streetmasters Reunion in San Louis Obispo, CA I was introduced to David Hough.  David wrote the #1 bestselling motorcycle book, ‘Proficient Motorcycling’.  David was also recently inducted into the Motorcycle Hall Of Fame.  You can find his books on Amazon or your favorite retailer.  http://www.amazon.com/Proficient-Motorcycling-Ultimate-Guide-Riding/dp/1933958359/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1370209637&sr=1-1

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Apr 212013

Episode 010 features Gary ‘Koz’ Mraz.  Gary is a Motorcycle Writer and rider that is published in numerous motorcycle magazines.  Gary just authored a new book, “Midnight Rider on a Graveyard Run: Tales of the Midnight Writer”.  http://www.amazon.com/Midnight-Rider-Graveyard-Run-Writer/dp/1482750872/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1366593242&sr=1-1

Gary and I are both good friends with Jim Rice.

Sharif Massoud of ADV Rentals talks about some of the amazing rental opportunities to rent bikes and go off-road in So Cal.  In particular, Sharif is quite proud of the new California Adventure Tour offered exclusively through ADV Rentals.

Also previous guest hosts Kevin Foster and Dave Townsend are joined by David Diaz to talk about the All-New Water-Cooled BMW R 1200 GS.

Oct 222012

Episode 09 was a tremendous joy to create, despite suffering from a broken foot (playing volleyball with my daughter).  Kevin Foster joins me as Guest Host.  Spending time with Kevin Foster was both fun and insightful.

Episode 09 features an interview with Tom Monroe of the D-Store Orange County.  Dainese is a premium brand of protection clothing that is both stylish and very high quality.  Whether you’re looking for Race Suits, Mountain Bike Gear, Street Gear, Touring Gear, Adventure Gear or a large selection of Women’s Gear, one owes it to oneself to visit the D-Store and be amazed!




Dale Ploung is an amazing individual!  Dale was originally inspired by real-life ‘Indiana Jones’ John Goddard in a high school presentation.  Dale constantly chased his dream of Latin art, music and culture.  Armed with travel books dating back to the mid 19th century and hundreds of old photographs from these books, Dale set out to discover Central and South America.  While visiting Dale, I was completely captivated by his stories, experiences and photos of Latin America.  What originally was intended as a 90 minute visit turned into 11 hours of pure boyhood fascination.

As Always, if you have any questions, comments or someone you’d like to hear interviewed, please contact me at socalbmw@me.com.


Jun 152012

Episode 008 is here.  Jeff Hawkins has taken the role as guest host and he knocks it out!  Jeff is the founder and lead instructor of SkillzDays.  The Podcast is also privileged to have legendary Motorcycle Journalist Fred Rau on hand to answer some questions.  Irv Seaver Motorcycles BMW Certified Master Technician Bo Cubberley rounds out the interviews with some excellent insight to maintaining your BMW Motorcycle.  As always we’re thrilled to get comments, feedback or suggestions for future interviews at socalbmw@me.com.


Dec 312011

Episode 006 is very special and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to top it.  Jim Rice is the guest host and he is truly a star of motorcycling.

Jim has spent the last 20 years living in Shanghai, China.  His experience abroad as well as here in SoCal is both invaluable and inspirational.  Here is an example of riding in Shanghai….


Jill Hall and John Ryan both join the podcast as well.  Their unique insight and perspectives connects with a vast number of riders and those who simply dream about riding.

Lastly, we wish you the best in this upcoming new year, 2012.  This is the year for ‘NoExcuses’.  Just go out and ride.  If not now, when?

As always, if you have any thoughts, comments, suggestions or questions, please contact me at socalbmw@me.com.

All The Best!

Jim Foreman

Nov 092011

Episode 005 is simply the extended interview with Walt Fulton and Nancy Foote that was promised in Episode 003.

I had the chance to take the Streetmasters course and was amazed by how much my skill went up as a rider.

I had slugged out about half and hour for the interview for Walt and Nancy to talk about the program, but after my first question, I knew this was going to be something special.

Walt and Nancy go in to detail about Walt’s famous father Walt Futon, Jr. Walt then goes into his racing career and the origins of Streetmasters.

Walt and Nancy then go on to talk about their recent Alaska trip to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Some recent stories about Streetmasters can be found at Motorcycle.com and canyonchasers.com.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, stories, or suggestions, please contact me at socalbmw@me.com.

Oct 262011

Episode 004 is already one of the best.  David Townsend serves as guest host.  David is the Parts Manager at Irv Seaver BMW and a rabid demon when it comes to off-road riding.  This episode also features an interview with Mark Paz of Ride Like A Pro – West Coast.  Mark teaches the advanced low-speed maneuvers taught in police motorcycle training to civilian riders.  He’s a blast to interview and have as an instructor on the course.

Jessica Prokup of Yellow Devil Gear Exchange also joins us to talk about this unique business in Long Beach, CA that presents high-quality used motorcycle gear at incredibly good prices.

Terry Rollinson, the guest-host of Episode 001 spent about 10 days back in So Cal and we get a chance to catch up with the podcast on the way back to LAX for his departing flight.

Hope you enjoy.  Please contact me at socalbmw@me.com with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Jun 222011

Part 2 of Episode 2 is Just as good.  We had a chance to meet up with Werner Wachter, founder of Edelweiss Bike Travel.  Edelweiss and partner GlobeBusters are half-way through a trip around the world.  While in Los Angeles, I had a chance to meet up with Werner and many of the riders to talk about this incredible journey.  Jed Roth and I also talk racing and getting out on the track and pushing your limits.

Jun 222011

Episode two is finally here and it’s so incredibly packed with stuff it had to be broken up into two parts.  Jed Roth serves as a guest host.  This episode contains BMW Motorrad news, Interviews, ride tales and much more.  Part one includes an interview with Jim Bullen.  Jim is the winner of the 2001 BMW MOA mileage award.  Mike Talarico is also interviewed.  Mike is the Technical Communications Director for Schuberth North America.  Shuberth helmets are creating quite a buzz by being the Lightest, Quietest and most Aerodynamic modular helmet.

Apr 202011

In the debut episode, your host,  Jim Foreman is joined by fellow rider Terry Rollinson from London, England.  Terry is in transit from London to Melbourne, Australia via Los Angeles.  During his time here, many days were spent riding and appreciating what this region has to offer.  Also joining us is CHP Motor Officer Brian Habegger who offers his insights on riding and the law.  Benecio, Gerrardo, and Cesar Lorrondo are three brothers from Guanajuato, Mexico who just bought three bikes here for riding in Mexico.  Ride reports, the latest BMW News and much more.